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Jessica Alba confirms its a
girl at baby shower

Jessica Alba attended a baby shower with around 35 people, consisting of friend and family, at Ever After Teahouse in Studio City, Sunday afternoon, April 06, during which she told guests that she was expecting a baby girl in June.

Rashida Jones, Jaime King and Kim Kardashian were amongst the celebrities who attended, reports E!.

The event was held outdoors, under umbrellas, with white and lavender décor and soft music.

The guests began trickling in at 1 pm; Alba arrived at 1:30 pm.

Fiancé Cash Warren entered through a back alley, an hour and a half after the party began. The couple left together.

Jessica Alba Having a Girl
Star magazine is reporting that Jessica Alba is having a girl and she's going to name her Honor Warren

Apparently a friend of Alba's went into a jewelry store in LA and had Honor spelled out on a charm bracelet. "This woman was so exited that Jessica is having a girl," says the source.

"She said she loved the name too, Honor, and said Jessica picked it because she felt it was an honor to have Cash's baby. She said she couldn't wait to give it to Jessica this weekend. She asked twice if the bracelet would be ready by then."

The guest wanted the bracelet ready for this weekend for Jessica's baby shower, which is being thrown by her manager Chris Henze's wife at a private home in LA on April 6.

03 Apr 2008

Jessica Alba Lip-Syncs On Film As Fiance Clashes With Paparazzi

Jessica Alba is spending her downtime during her pregnancy playing boardgames and lip-syncing to music, she has revealed on her MySpace blog, where she mentions a "funny run in with the paparazzi" involving her partner Cash Warren and a water pistol.

The couple were en-route to attend a friend's party in Camarillo, Los Angeles, at the weekend when they realised they were being following by paparazzi.

Warren chased after the photographer on foot with a water pistol while his friend, 'Weeds' star Romany Malco, allegedly "snatched the keys from our photographer's car", according to paparazzi photo agency X17 Online.

Alba also blogged about Warren's new website, called I Beat You, in which she's featured lip-syncing to the new Panic at the Disco song 'Nine In The Afternoon'.

"We invited a bunch of users from the site and put this together last Saturday," Alba writes.

25 Mar 2008

Jessica is on the cover of the August 07 Cosmopolitan Magazine check it out here

Jessica is on the cover of the June 07 GQ Magazine check it out here

Now the official "Maxims Hot 100 list" is online where Jessica gets the second place. Take a look here.

"The Ten" is opening the Philadelphia Film Festival. The sketch comedy stars Paul Rudd, Famke Janssen, Winona Ryder and Jessica Alba, among others.

Jessica Alba has placed #3 on’s Top 99 Women of 2007 reader’s poll behind Scarlett Johansson on #2 place and Beyonce on #1.The complete list of you find here.

Jessica appears on thecover of
April Issue of GQ

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Jessica Alba to be exective producer and star of a new drama called SONIC in 2006 Read More..

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