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Set in glorious and exotic locales including the beautiful Florida Keys, each episode explores our timeless fascination and relationship with dolphins. Flipper follows the activities of a group of ocean scientists at a marine mammal research facility where ground-breaking studies are being conducted on dolphin behavior and other marine life.
The Institute, located near the Search & Rescue Sheriff’s
Substation, sets the stage for highly dramatic air and sea rescues involving Flipper and his human companions. The facility and its inhabitants face some of their greatest triumphs and defeats in a series of episodes that will take them - and the audience - on the adventure of a lifetime.
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Flipper Interview
Jessica Alba On Dini Petty

1997 - No Video Just Audio
Actors/Actresses in this show:
Jessica Alba as Maya Graham,
Whip Hubley,Tiffany Lamb,Darrin Klimek, Anja Coleby, Craig Marriott,
Laura Donaldson, Gus Mercurio, Skye Patch, Brian Wimmer, Colleen Flynn
Payton Haas, Elizabeth Morehead
Wren T. Brown, Scott Michaelson
Show Length: 60 Mins
Shows Run: 1995-1997
Show has ended it's run
Location Shooting:
Austrillia and USA